Father’s Day Cards

Free Printable Fathers Day Cards

A selection of free printable Fathers Day cards that can be customized with your own text. Replace the dummy text with your text and then download and print. Instant download. You can erase any of the text or add additional text.

Fathers Day Cards

Choose the greeting card template that you want to use from the selection below. There are 20 different designs. Click on “customize” and start personalizing the text. Download the greeting card to your PC and then print on cardstock.

Fathers Day cards  

Best dad ever  

Greeting card with mustauche   

Picture of a pipe on the greeting card  

No. 1 dad  

Custom Fathers Day card  

Greeting card for dad  


Card that reads "Best dad ever"  

Best dad ever  

Super dad  

Happy Fathers Day  

Envelope with a card inside  

Number 1 dad  

Fathers Day card  

Fathers day greeting card  

Happy Fathers Day cards  

Father's Day cards  

3 ties  

Ties in 5 different colors  

Happy Father’s Day Cards

Some of the cards read “Happy Father’s Day” and some read “Best Dad ever” or “No. 1 Dad”. All of the text on the right hand side can be customized so you can write Happy Father’s Day if it doesn’t already say that. If you don’t have anything to write instead of “your text here” then just erase that text with the little x. All dummy text will appear on the greeting card so be sure to erase any text that you do not want to appear there.